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Founded in 1977 by Michael Drake, Jeremy Hull, and Isabel Dickson, the original Drake’s collection focused on quality men’s scarves. A range of English neckties and silk printed handkerchiefs soon followed, and today, the company is the largest independent producer of handmade neckties in England.

Drake’s ties are completely handmade in a small workshop in the northeast section of London. Here, each tie is handcut on a bias from the finest English and Italian materials. This means they’re cut at a 45 degree angle, which allows them to drape elegantly and beautifully when worn. The three parts of the tie - the neck, blade, and tail - are first joined together, and then a pure wool interlining is then hand-slipped in. Though using cotton or poly interlinings is cheaper, Drake’s chooses wool because it most easily allows a tie to relax and lose its wrinkles after a day’s wear. These pieces are then sewn together using what’s called a slip stitch. This must be executed with exactly the right tension, so as the tie’s pieces will be securely held together, but also allow enough “give” to ensure that the stitching won’t snap when the tie is tightly knotted and then unknotted. Finally, the resulting piece is gently hand-pressed to give it some volume and “life.”

We’re impressed with Drake’s commitment to handmaking neckties in London, as well as their tremendous level of taste. From the ancient madder prints to modern wool ties, Drake’s works closely with silk mills and printers to come up with timeless, yet continually renewed, collections.


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