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Messrs. Scott and Charters founded their company in 1955 in Hawick, Scotland, an area renown for its local knitwear tradition. The third generation of Charters maintains the firm as an independent family business. Their only allegiance is to the integrity of their product.

Hawick has long been known for its knitwear manufacturing, a tradition going back to 1771 when the first stocking frame arrived in town. After flourishing for nearly two centuries, the industry struggled as fashion brands started moving production to low-cost countries, using cheaper materials and automated processes to produce inexpensive sweaters.

Scott & Charters has remained a traditional Scottish company, manufacturing all its products in Hawick. It draws its strengths from its independence, which offers the freedom to source the best fibers, buttons, and zips, wherever they may be found. Cashmere and Geelong yarns come mainly from Scottish spinners Todd & Duncan, whose stringent and high quality levels ensure a beautiful and consistent yarn to knit with.

There is quite a bit of handwork that goes into making cashmere yarn into a Scott & Charters cashmere sweater: rib cuffs and skirts are linked by hand to the front, back and sleeves panels; milling (washing) requires a millman’s experienced feel to obtain the right hand; sweaters are cut by hand; all components (neck trims, buttons, pockets, zips, ribbon..) are stitched or linked on by hand.

We hope our Scott & Charters selection will save you from the shopping malls full of disappointing, cheaply made knitwear. There’s nothing quite so comforting as a well-made sweater. With a Scottish sweater and a Scottish whiskey to keep him warm, no man need fear the colder weather.


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