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Fok-Yan Leung is co-owner and manager of Styleforum.net. Not only is he the president of Styleforum, he's also a client, posting as LA Guy. We're honored to have Fok inaugurate our “guest picker” series, which will feature stylish individuals from all walks of life describing a few of their favorite items in the store.  

Fok's choices:

1) ts(s) jacket. I make a point to visit the Ts(S) booth at Pitti Uomo every year. The fabrics and the clever little details are always interesting to look at. I remember this piece - one of the core pieces of this collection. The fabric is very interesting - it looks and feels a little bit like a tweed, but it has a crispier hand - and it has this nice rumpled feel. You can wear the collar up (which is how I'd wear it) and it becomes a lighter outerwear piece. Just please don't &#8220Monocle&#8221 style it and try to pretend that it would go great with a crisp white shirt and some wool trousers, because that would look terrible.


2) EO TO TO knit sweatshirt. I like the shape of technical clothing, but it can be pretty boring, so I look for pieces that are in those forms, but are made from more atypical fabrics. Plus, I can see this worn with the Ts(S) jacket.

3) Heschung bootsI like the &#8220gentleman thug&#8221 look, and these boots really do that. Also, I love both taupe (my favorite color for footwear), and I find crepe soles extremely comfortable, as well as surprisingly durable (they wear down slightly, and then stay that way forever.)

4) Dents gloves.I love tweeds, I love herringbone, and I love leather accessories.

5) Esemplare parkaThe little details on this jacket are really nice - and boiled polyester just looks super interesting. It's Casentino for the 21st century. Also, there is something about the silhouette of a slightly oversized fishtail parka with a big hood over some slim jeans and chunky boots that really appeals to me.

6) Talarico umbrellaOkay, I wasn't asked for a sixth choice, but if I could make one, it would be this Talarico umbrella. I've never owned any umbrella that costs more than $10, mainly because I always lose or break them (I mean, what do you expect from a 2 Euro umbrella, really), and I probably never will. Maybe because I'd ask Greg to choose the umbrella for me that has the thickest, hardest shaft, so that it could double as a weapon. Not that I'd want to bludgeon anyone, obviously. I'd make an exception for a few trolls on the forum though.